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Prime Liquidity Hub Ltd is a trusted provider of turnkey solutions for FX Brokers, Proprietary Firms, and Crypto Exchanges. With a commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the financial industry, at the lowest price possible.

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We Combine Technology with Business Ideas

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Prime Liquidity Hub is trusted by 25+ Institutional Clients

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We working for you to build your business fast

Our dedicated team is committed to working tirelessly to expedite the growth of your business. With a focus on efficiency and innovation, we strive to create tailored solutions that drive rapid progress and success for your venture. Partner with us, and together, we will build your business fast and take it to new heights.

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Prime Liquidity Hub Services

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FX Brokerage

- Bridge Connection
- Data Feed
- 2000+ Instrument List
- CRM & Client Dashboard
- Payment Service Provider
- Sirix Trading Platform
- Meta Trader 5 Main Label

Proprietary Trading Firm

- Bridge Connection
- Data Feed
- 2000+ Instrument List
- Prop Dashboard
- Payment Service Provider
- MT4 / MT5 Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency Solution

- International License For Cryptocurrency
- Cryptocurrency Token & Coin Development
- Decentralized Exchange (Dex) Listing
- Centralized Exchange (Cex) Listing
- Support Portal
- Telegram Bot, E-Wallet
- Cex Futures & Margin
- Liquidity & PSP

Additional Services

Market research

Market research involves systematic gathering, analysis, and interpretation of data to gain insights into the target market, customer preferences, industry trends, and competitive landscape.

Advance analytic

Advanced analytics refers to the use of sophisticated techniques and technologies to extract meaningful insights, patterns, and predictions from large and complex datasets.

Financial Consult

Financial consultancy involves providing expert advice and guidance on various financial matters to individuals, businesses, or organizations.


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Obtain a Brochure Encompassing Prime Liquidity Hub’s Comprehensive Product Knowledge and Services, Along with a Guide Detailing the Process of Becoming a Forex Broker.

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Discuss the Establishment of Your Business

We care about the success of our clients, which is why we are delighted to share our business knowledge and guide prospective brokers on how to start a forex business. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions

What Do You Need to Become a Forex Broker?

1. Company establishment & license management
2. Determining the trading platform to be used
3. Integration of payment gateway
4. Accessing liquidity to the market through liquidity provider
5. Website to build data feed to your Broker

How much does it cost to become an FX broker?

For novice brokers seeking standard features and low-risk loss, the cost starts from $2000 for a turnkey contract. This cost includes:

1. Broker license management
2. Trading platform web/mobile/desktop) with Client Office CRM for clients to make deposits, withdrawals, account creation, and initiate trading
3. Payment gateway
4. A-Book execution
5. Custom professional broker website

Do I need to register a company to become a Forex broker?

Yes, you must register a company; if not, you won't be able to enter legal agreements with technology providers (trading platforms) and liquidity providers that execute trading transactions in the market.

How long does it take to fully set up a broker?

On average, about one week. Of course, this depends on the specifications and features expected. For brokers with advanced features, it could take up to 3 months to build the entire system and platform.

What kind of Liquidity Provider do you offer?

We offer access to our aggregated liquidity pool with over 20 Liquidity Providers, including banks, non-banks, and an internal ECN trading network, to provide direct market access with very low spreads for both domestically and internationally regulated Brokers.