Our Company

Who We Are

Prime Liqudity Hub is a Indonesia company which operates internationally.

In 2023, our company experienced significant growth as we expanded into new territories, including Saint Vincent & Grenadines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This expansion was in response to the high demand for our services. Consequently, our workforce also saw a substantial increase as we continue to hire talented individuals to meet our clients’ needs.

The trust bestowed upon us by our valued clients and partners serves as a driving force in our quest for excellence. We are meticulous in every step we take, ensuring that our work is executed with precision and attention to detail. Our commitment to efficiency, combined with the trust placed in us, enables us to deliver tasks of exceptional quality in a timely manner.

At our core, we embody an efficient working process that ensures optimal productivity and seamless collaboration among our team members. This efficiency translates into the reliable and prompt delivery of our services, earning us the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients and partners.

Market research

Market research involves systematic gathering, analysis, and interpretation of data to gain insights into the target market, customer preferences, industry trends, and competitive landscape.

Advance analytic

Advanced analytics refers to the use of sophisticated techniques and technologies to extract meaningful insights, patterns, and predictions from large and complex datasets.

Financial Consult

Financial consultancy involves providing expert advice and guidance on various financial matters to individuals, businesses, or organizations.

We help your business grow.

We are here to assist brokers in running their businesses and making them more profitable. Our products are designed to make the FX and crypto markets more open, transparent, distributed, and exchange-like. Our Broker Support Department provides specialized technical assistance and advice 24/6 to our clients, facilitating the implementation of our solutions and integration with other tools for brokers. We also manage hosting and administration to ensure the highest performance and stability of our clients’ FX & Crypto infrastructure.

Prime Liquidity Hub is trusted by 25+ Institutional Clients

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